Why a good employee matters to a company ?

Why a good hire matters to a company ?

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It is often said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. A company’s goal for a better foundation starts with its workforce. An entrepreneur will always need good people to help him/her build their empire. When it comes to hiring, anything less than ‘ideal’ often leads to challenges. There are far too many businesses that don’t direct enough focus on hiring the best for their organisations.

There’s an unsaid rule in recruitment, each new hire need to be a median above their current employees. This allows the company to acquire new hires with varying skills and experience. Additionally, it also allows the company to bring in, albeit temporarily, an outside perspective in comparison to processes and ways of working within the organisation. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t focus on this golden rule, and which is why the talent and essence of companies, mostly start-ups usually become gradually lessened and diluted. Each mistake with a bad hire can result in considerable economic costs. It’s not just the cost of the hire that needs to be considered, also the man-hours involved in upskilling the hire, time involved in inculcating the company culture, etc. All these contain economic and other costs that are hard to quantify.

Ideally, growing a business is a balance between suitability for the market, making sales and deliver value and service to an expanding customer base. It’s always challenging for companies to manage to ensure the balance when they are about the business. Hence, the right people with the right skills must be hired. Although there are so many tasks to address in a business, it’s important to keep one eye on long term goals. Although the cost of a full-time recruiter might be hard to justify, the process of building a strong foundation is a critical time for a new company. The tools of modern recruitment agencies are extensive and they make it easier to source candidates who are the best of the best. Although it can take a lot of effort and financial investment to hire well, it’s a key part of building a company to fill it with the skills that it needs to make it the success that you dreamt of.

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