What is UI UX ?

Have you been hearing a lot about UI and UX recently? And wondering why is it so important? Well, here is what UI and UX will do for you. If you have a misconception that UI and UX are same and even interchangeable, stop right there. They are far from the truth. Both of them are distinct and handle very different roles.


UI : User Interface

UI provides an interface for the users to interact with the product or service. Understanding what the user wants is of prime importance. Let us think from the user’s perspective. The ultimate purpose of UI is to provide a system that fulfils the needs of the users.

UI is the factor which decides the user friendliness of your website. It guides the visitor through the pages through clear and crisp messages and aids. UI designers are always conscious that they do need to keep in mind the humans, who are prone to make mistakes. So they ensure that the user can navigate through the system in a clear and concise manner. This what the wiki has to say on user interface design.

The UI in UI UX

It is very imperative that your brand engage the visitors. Such a consistency of design and layout will highlight your brand identity. UI makes the approach very appealing. The role of the UI designer is to take note of the various aspects on your website. A quick comparison is the difference a shopping portal to that of a medical health system. Both have different purposes and hence the user access flow will be unique . UI makes the navigation through the pages easy and effortless.

In short, the UI will determine the colour, layout, fonts and button styles of the website. The look and feel of the website is undertaken by the UI design team.


UX : User Experience

User Experience design is a human first approach to designs.

The inventor of the term, Mr. Don Norman, himself explains UX as follows : ‘User experience is one which encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.’ UX develops and improves the quality of interaction between the user and the website. This is not only true in case of web design but also for standard design and deployment. The person in charge of UX, sizes the website’s usability and ease of navigation. The importance of UX in any web project is as equal as any other technical aspect. This is what wiki says about user experience design.

The UX in UI UX

The UX area is still evolving and this dynamics is reflected in the definition of each of the roles and their scope. However, for users to have a good experience with a software or web page, the first step is to understand exactly what the user experience is and to learn about those elements that characterise a good UX design. The UX process is characterised by knowing the target audience of a web page, an application or a product and their needs. Careful analysis will enable the designer to create a design which is appealing to the user.

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