What is Digital Marketing ?

Any marketing that involves electronic devices can be referred to as Digital Marketing. Unlike the famous notion that digital marketing can be done only through internet, it can be done both online as well as offline.

Offline digital marketing is nearing its extinction as the internet is gaining momentum. Online digital marketing differs from the traditional marketing that the marketing and its feedbacks are posted in real time. Social media is the biggest bet of digital marketing these days. Social media helps people to market, convert and even delight the customers. Internet has risen as a mass communication tool in the contemporary world.

Impact of Digital Marketing

Internet is enticing the whole world with its lightning pace. Reaching out to prospects or target audience and making them buy your products is made much easier by the internet. New marketing methods first creates the need, then they give the solutions. This way the consumer as well as the producer feels satisfied. Thus, it has provided a win-win situation for both the business and the consumers.

Digital marketing also educates the consumers to take better decisions by providing them options and an immense pool of Information. One cannot simply market something random on the internet and expect people to buy it. The consumers are more informed nowadays and will think numerous times with analysing all reviews before buying your product. So marketing plays a huge role here. Most important benefit for both is that this has substantially reduced the cost of marketing or buying the products.

Why Digital Marketing?

It is important to incorporate digital marketing in your business as the sector is growing to be the ultimate future of marketing. It has the power to take you to the heights and also dump you in the dungeons.

  • The digital world provides equal opportunities for all and also in comparatively lesser rates than the traditional ones.
  • Conversion can happen at a faster pace and can easily be monitored.
  • Digital Marketing also promises you better ROIs.
  • Digital marketing facilitates bidirectional communication instantaneously without any physical displacement.
  • Shorter time span to build the strategies.

Digital Marketing - Modes

Social Media

The most familiar digital marketing channel to the people. Initially, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.. were introduced as a platform to share your moments. This was initially meant purely for entertainment. Gradually, people started spending more time in the social media apps than the real media. Therefore direct marketing became less relevant. Marketing has now been taken to the place i.e. Social Media Marketing where fewer people spend more of their precious time – social media. Today, 70% of the businesses have their ads on social media.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through search engine optimisation, your website gets more visibility and credibility. It’s not just a one time deal. You have to fine tune the process once in awhile as the digital geeks never fail to come up with new ideas in the field of technology. Building a powerful backlink network, and finding the right keywords are some of the methods of SEO process.

Never think twice about SEO. It is mandatory to be visible in the overpopulated digital world.

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