Website Audit

The internet is attracting unprecedented attention from people around the globe. To say that it’s a “saturated marketplace” is a bit of an understatement. As of February 2018, the internet clocked in at 1.8 billion websites (website here refers to one with a “unique hostname”), and the number is still climbing. With all of these websites fighting to stay relevant on search engines, it is no surprise that SEO is such a sought-after service.

An effective website is much more than SEO, though. Sure, your website ranks high on Google for a specific keyword, but that doesn’t mean it’s also user-friendly. Is your website fun to use? Is the content on your website doing its job right? Measuring some of these will help us determine the effectiveness of your website. Our website audit will identify what is working and what is not. These are some of services we provide to help our clients gain a foothold in the digital space.

Website Audit

Elements of Website Audit

01 » SEO

We start with the SEO process. We understand how your website and primary pages rank in google and Bing using various tools. We analyse your meta descriptions and understand its pros and cons. After this we check how well your website abide the guidelines fixed by the Google(e.g., title tags, linking, accessibility, etc.). After we see how your site performs from an SEO perspective, we then take a look at its content.

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Content is king. After the SEO packages, we go for the content. Content audit will give us a picture about how well the content engages your visitors, how well it mesh with each other and communicate the brand image. Our content analysis is comprehensive and covers all forms of content, from copy to audio, video, and more. We will feed you with our suggestions and make sure that you understand the importance of good content on your website. A good content will bring you leads, make them convert and project your brand image.


Websites are treasure troves of information and useful data. For this component of the website audit, we take a thorough look at where your site’s users are coming from and how they behave on your site once they get there. This will give us data to calculate your site’s user friendliness and from where he site is losing its visitors. For example, you may not realize that one of the top pages on your website has a 93% exit rate. Using this kind of information, we recommend strategies to cycle readers back into the rest of the site and make further recommendations on internal link strategies, site structure, etc.

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Being mobile friendly is a metrics to analyse the feasibility of your website. Smart phones have taken over and your websites are demanded to be in favour to them.
Google and other search engine giants have been slowly but surely changing their algorithms to favour sites that are mobile-friendly. Ignoring the mobile fact can cause you way more than you think. In this part of the audit, we analyse how your website works in other screens like tablets, smartphones,etc. Based on the analysis we will identify the areas your site needs improvement. These include everything from mobile responsiveness to load speed.


Here we check how your website consumes and optimises social media. We begin with ensuring social media icons and move on to identify how the different social media components mesh with the content and your website. Are you using enough call-to-action (CTA) where applicable? Is the sliding social media toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen distracting to the end users? Does it block any of your content ? How are you engaging with social media users once they arrive at your site? This aspect of the analysis will help you identify ways you optimise communication and engagement on your site using social media.

Never sit back once you have done the audit. You must be already aware of the pace at which the internet gets crowded with innovations & discoveries. Make sure that you subject your website to audit at least once in a year and some website support packages to maintain the health of your website. We will make sure that your website stays as good as any other competing sites. Don’t hesitate, hustle instead!

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It’s Audit Time

Technical AuditContent AuditLink AuditCompetitor AnalysisLocal Audit (only needed if you are a local business)