Web Design Process

Why do you need a web design ?

The web design process is more like art. Like an artist who creates pieces that highlight emotion, we take it a step further. We transform our art works in to a functioning product. This helps to improve the way our customers conduct their business. We look at work through an artists’ eyes so we can appreciate and interact with web design. In reality, the websites we create are structured systems developed to address the needs of a business, a product. Many websites are considered to be “works of art”. But they don’t fulfill customers ‘ requirements and positively improve their business. Consequently, they become a failed design without creating a permanent impression.

At Caerus Infosys, we take utmost care while developing and designing each website. Attention to detail is our motto. We make sure that everything is up to the mark when the product is ready to be delivered. We follow our standardised web design process without compromise and have made it a habit to ensure perfection at each stage.

Phase I -Analysis

Caerus Infosys Web Design Analysis

Website Purpose

We get to know more about your website purpose and how you like it to represent it online. Customer cooperation is of immense value in this phase.

Website goals

Identify the needs you need your website to perform and how you would like to do it.

Target Audience

Lists the target audience that the website should target based on the services you provide.

Phase II -Planning


We create a sitemap based on the details we collected during the initial phase. This sitemap explains the relationship between the pages on the website.

Website Structure

We undertake thorough research on current trends and user experience. The basic web design packages and structure are then outlined.

Wireframe Creation

We illustrate the structure of each page and explain the overall website outlook for ease of understanding.

Caerus Infosys Design

Phase III -Design

caerus infosys website design

Page Layout

The pages take their original shape in this stage. Our efficient designing team create exclusive designs for the website pages.


We make the pages ready and then move out for your approval. We incorporate suggestions and revisions are then made based on the reviews.


After the final review, we move ahead with your approval. Thereafter, you give us a go-ahead to move with the design of the website.

Phase IV -Content


We analyse and create a vibrant content. This engages visitors and helps you convert into a prospect.

Photos and Videos

We create the best images and videos that engage visitors. The graphical content encourages the conversion of your visitor to your customer.

Search Engine Optimisation

We optimise the website with keywords. So when the relevant keywords are called, the search engines can identify them.

caerus infosys website support

Phase V -Development

caerus infosys web design development

HTML and CSS Coding

We plan the website starting with the homepage to give it the expected outlook.


Then we design the database to make it interactive in design. We look at keeping the database small and simple.

Responsive Design

We work our magic to make the design responsive. The users will be able to view the website on all kinds of devices, including mobile phones.

Phase VI -Testing

Technical Testing

We undertake mandatory testing to ensure that every link works ok. This is part of a routine audit we undertake to verify the site behaves a expected.

Browser Compatibility

We make sure that the code follows the current web standards using code validators.

Does it Fulfill its Purpose

We try to see that the website fulfills its purpose and meets all your requirements.

caerus infosys testing

Phase VII -Deployment

caerus infosys deployment


Once the website is online, we keep monitoring the website to ensure it functions as normal. We also give some final touches if required.

Bug Fixes

The errors found during the monitoring is fixed and this is done consistently to facilitate hassle free web service.


Website maintenance is very important to maintain world class user experience and consistent services even after the product delivery.

Lets take the first step today and start your journey for an ideal web design.