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There’s no doubt that a job interview can be nerve-wracking. And when opportunities are few, the pressure to land that perfect job can become even greater. Vacancies come about and go in an instant. And with so much competition and few jobs, it can make the interview process seem even more daunting.

If you’re prone to ‘interview anxiety’ it’s crucial that you prepare yourself in advance. This will ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of being successful. Interviews can be intimidating to the bravest of the lot. That is when you need to follow the five Ps, (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance). This will help you ensure that you’re one step ahead of the other applicants.

Try to expect what they might ask you. Plan to set aside 10 minutes to brainstorm your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, what value can you bring to the job role? What are the areas in which you would like to improve? What do you hope to achieve in the next five/ten years?

The Key to a Successful interview

Tip 1 : Preparation

Ensure that you research the relevant industry before your interview. This is often a big step people forget to undertake. Are there any current trends, or news stories that relate to your job sector? If yes, make a note and spend a few minutes thinking about it. Think of how that would be applicable to the position you’re going for. Remember, knowledge is power, and the more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel on the day.

Tip 2 : Interview Planning

Get hold of a trusted friend or family member, and have a practice interview session. This might sound a bit audacious. But, it gives you an opportunity to perfect your interview techniques. And ensure you do that before the day itself. Ask your friend or family member to give you feedback on your body language. For example, Are you sitting up straight in your chair? Do you look alert and engaged in the conversation? Having proper feedback on the body postures and your response can help you fill the gaps. These all small bits go a big way of highlighting your personality.

Tip 3 : Preparing for the outcome

Most of all, remember to relax. Whilst job interviews can be challenging, they are not the end of the world scenarios. Make sure you carry your positive attitude to face any outcome from the interview. There is always much to learn from every experience. So best of luck with the next move and happy job hunting.

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