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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the highly economical tools in the field of digital marketing. However, it is also one the most challenging tasks to use it in the right manner. The basic aim of the SEO resources is to assist the marketers on getting optimum SEO results irrespective of them having an agency resource, in-house resource or they work on SEO all by themselves.  SEO aims at being the top ranking technique in organic or natural listings as the key body associated with the search engine results pages (SERPs) all across different set of keywords fed by the users.

SERPs comprises of the different listing pages considered relevant by the search engines for searches that are carried out depending on the text that it comprises of. They also comprise of different tools like page links which are useful for the searchers. Google considers these tools as part of a significant strategy referred to as blended or Universal search.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which a websites improves it is visibility on search engine results pages, be it natural, free, or organic searches. Various factors including content of the page, website coding, keyword management, navigational chart, and various others defines the scope of SEO. Some call SEO as science where as other school of thought considers it as an art. SEO is a collection of various onsite and offsite methods that brings the webpage on top of search queries.

Functionalities of SEO

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista and many 100’s of such search engines try to provide best results for the queries asked by their users. They display the list of result’s based on authority and relevance of the pages indexed in their server.

SEO is the backbone for pages being indexed for specific key phrases. When the bots, crawl the pages, they scan the entire page and index the details found. SEO plays an important role of convincing the crawler to index a particular page for specific keyword. Engines uses PageRank algorithm to find the popularity of a web page. More the number of pages having a link to one page, better the relevance of it. Attractive websites have great content with easy navigability to make it easy for visitors and the search robots in increasing the rank of the site and giving it higher visibility.

Implementation of SEO

Choosing an effective SEO technique needs a lot of effort and research. Keyword research is a particularly important aspect as web-content enables the site to have a better rank by search engines. The SEO process is very complex and is constantly evolving process. SEO professionals are experts and updated with latest online search techniques and algorithms. For ensuring that the SEO is working effectively, it has to be monitored regularly with different tools.

Ways of SEO

Keyword selection is the main aspect of SEO implementation upon which all other activities are dependent. These keywords and key phrases are tactically implemented across the content of the website. Image naming and placement of related words, usage of META tags, HTML coding, naming of elements and pages are all part of offline SEO where website designer and developers play a role.

Once the site is live, digital marketer or SEO specialist takes over the charge of promoting the website and ensure to have it displayed on top 2 to 3 search pages. Link building, article promotion, image marketing and various other tasks comes under offsite SEO. Keyword analyzer tool shall be used to its optimum level for finest result. Search words are an important part of SEO. Web crawling robots search for the keywords that a user enters in the search engine. If the same words are available in web pages, they are in turn shown on a search result.  Fresh and updated content is still the first love of search engines. It gives extra weightage to websites updated from time to time.


Most of the searchers have the tendency to click on first 5 suggestions that appear on the result page. Any website or online store has to be at a leading position to attract visitors to their site and to make the most of this service. SEO plays a significant role in promoting a website socially. Any website that is found on Yahoo or Google is usually promoted by people on different social media channels like Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

SEO is quintessential for the smooth functioning of any website. It plays both an indirect and direct role for websites having multiple authors. The direct advantage is increasing search engine usage and the indirect advantage is a general framework to be used even before any content is published on the website. SEO helps a company to stand out from its competitors. For example, if there are two websites and both deal with the same content, then the website which is equipped with SEO is likely to make greater sales and have large number of customers.

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