Social Media Marketing

This is one of the most popular areas of marketing nowadays. Social media has proven itself to be the best market place for advertising. People spend vast amount of their time on them. So using the marketing techniques for social media is a promise of better visibility. It also gives your business brand a sense of customer outreach.

What is Social Media Marketing ?

Any online marketing that takes place through social media can be called social media marketing. It can be promoting a product or running a recruitment drive in the multiple social media platforms that are now available.

Caerus Infosys Social Media Marketing
Caerus Infosys Social Media Benefits

Social Media Benefits

Let’s find out about the benefits if you run a social media campaign. Following are some of them :
  • Offer faster customer service, irrespective of location
  • Create more platforms to promote and sell your products
  • Build loyalty and brand image
  • Reach new prospects without breaking the bank
  • Present your business in the digital world to attract talent
Social media promises better visibility for your business today and we know how to get it done for you.

Is It the Best For You?

Do you wish your business to be the talk of the town? Do you want to drive more conversions and sales? Social media marketing will earn you these benefits when we execute the plans. The modern world is quite different. Now, a single well planned and targeted advertisement can bring in manifolds of sales. Whereas blanket spending huge sums for advertising may turn to be a waste of time and resources.

Conventional marketing models have followed print media for advertising. Now, these old methods are not effective and are expensive. Social Media fills in this gap with its vast reach and efficiency. With Social Media, you can target customers who are more inclined to buy your products. Social Media platforms use specific algorithms to determine online user behaviour. Along with browser history, they are able to deliver targeted ads to website visitors. This helps in driving more sales requests and enquiries.


How Do We Do It?

Social Media Audit

We begin with analysing your current state. We try and understand which channels which work for you and which do not. Then we analyse which of those are performing well and which need attention. We check if any of your posts have gained attention. Then analyse the other posts which have not gained any traction. Are your posts reaching the right audience? Then we fine tune the channels and manage updations.

caerus infosys social media audit
caerus infosys what not to post

Understand What Not To Post

Posting irrelevant content on social media can backfire. We recognize the content that is ideal for your company and conduct thorough studies. Information is collected about the type of posts that receive the most visibility. We then incorporate them with your business and supplement the content for your website. Our continued watch of the outcomes helps improvise the process. Checks are also undertaken to ensure it does not identify the contents as spam.

Customer Service

As the old age saying goes ‘Customer is King’. We help you setup channels that ensure prompt and quick customer service. An active customer service helps boost your credibility in the digital world. Social media plays a very big part in customers making a decision based on past experiences. Effective customer handling leaves a positive impact on current and prosective clients. It also highlights the importance your business gives to customer queries and feedback.

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caerus infosy organic followers

Organic Followers

Sounds overwhelming? Doesn’t it. It might seem trivial but it is a bit tough. Unless you are a well-established brand, getting organic followers requires constant effort. It is a slow and churning process. Its more to do with engaging with users and keeping their interest active. One of the useful ways to do that is to share useful content. Users value information especially if it aids in their daily lives. Sharing useful content with your prospects heightens your visibility among your prospect group. If they find the content relevant, they will even share it with their friends. This increases your brand awareness and visibility. In a nutshell, this is an extended version of word of mouth marketing.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are like advertisements on print and television media. The only difference between these online ads is that they are internet specific. Based on users browsing history and cookies, they see specific ads. Major social media platforms use complex algorithms in identifying users looking for services. This helps you target your prospects and assist you in sending ads or posts to them in particular. This characteristic makes targeted campaigning workable. In this region of advertising, millions of dollars are being spent. But don’t let that to discourage you. It is worth every penny spent.

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Schedule Your Posts

It is very important that you post often on social media. This shows that you are eager to engage on the digital platform. We help you to make sure the content is informative and interesting. You need to be careful to present viewers with interesting and relevant articles. Irreleveant articles leave a bad impression and are a reason for drop in visitors. There will be pattern for you visitors visting your website. You can schdeule posts for selective time to target these visitors. You can even preset the posts which should go live during the week. Before posting anything online, ensure that it is relevant to your line of business. The article is more likely to become a yardstick for the content on your website. Vistors decide the quliaty of the content and decide whether to stay. So its important that you stick to your standards.

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