SEO Audit

SEO audit armours us with facts on how your website performs at present. We crawl through your webpages and analyse it inch by inch. Malpractices like keyword stuffing might rub your site the wrong way. Spending a fortune to design the best website is not enough. What if nobody sees it. So spend some more on SEO and let the world take a look at your beauty.

Google has well over 100 ‘things’ that it takes into consideration when deciding how it’s going to rank you for searches, so it’s worthwhile taking a little more time to make sure your SEO efforts aren’t being thwarted by simple rookie build errors.

Optimum Website = GREAT TRAFFIC + SALES

If you are looking for a backlink audit or are interested in a full in-depth analysis, we are here to help! After a brief initial consultation to determine what you aim to achieve from your audit, we will begin our process of analysing your website to determine where your website can do with more improvement and start preparing your report.

One size does not fit all. Hence, our website audit pricing is based on your website size and the type of audit you are looking for. We will provide you a quote will be provided before any work is started.

What SEO Audits Do We Offer

Local SEO Audit

Our local SEO audit will help you differentiate issues that are stopping your website from ranking well in local search results. We will undertake review of your onsite and offsite local SEO efforts. This audit is aimed more at local businesses like real estate agents, lawyers etc and those who need to have their rankings higher in the local community.

SEO Technical Audit

It’s crucial to have a “web-friendly” or an accessible website for better search engine success. As part of the SEO Technical Audit, we will analyse your website code and guide you in addressing the issues that are causing search engines trouble in crawling your website and potentially identify the causes you may not be ranking well.

SEO Content Audit

Our review of all the content on your website will help in tracking any relevancy issues that could be causing Google & other search engines unable to understand as to what your website is exactly about. Content issues are sometimes reflective of poor rankings and low traffic.

SEO Link Audit

It’s very imperative that your website has a very diverse and clean backlink profile that can help you rank well and aid you more in providing greater credibility with the search engines. Our link audit report will provide you a detailed outline of your existing rank profile and highlight any issues that may exist.

Competitive Audit

Know thy competition. By knowing how well your competition is manging their websites, you will be able to better understand what you need to do to better improve your search ranking. Having this data will provide you better insight to help prepare a SEO strategy that works to compete against your competitors.

Structured Data Audit

With the increased importance of rich snippets results within the search engines, having a proper Schema markup on your web pages is a great way to increase your organic footprint. We will analyse your website to see if you currently are properly utilizing your Schema and offer recommendations on how to improve them.

Get Your Free Report

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Technical AuditContent AuditLink AuditCompetitor AnalysisLocal Audit (only needed if you are a local business)