Plan Your Career in 5 Steps?

Plan your career in five steps

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It is often said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Career Planning, likewise, is a very important aspect of one’s professional work life. There are various factors involved in planning one. And sometimes it does intimidate the best of people. We’ve tried to simplify the process for you with our 5-step guide.

STEP 1: First of all – Discover yourself

The earnest way to start the process of various career choices is to discover oneself. Look within. Learn what your interests are, your liking and preferences are. Also do enrich the experiences that you have gained in your professional life. Think about the events and activities that you indulge in, like your lifestyle. Or your preferred working environment. Find out, what motivates you to work hard and gives you the passion to excel. Try to zero in on the goals you would aspire from your career. Location is an another important choice people often don’t give due credence. It is a very important factor when you think about your career goals. Imagine where would you like to locate ? It is a very common practice to look over this important aspect. Also, which is why you would find many people often switching jobs or careers because they grow home sick. Take a note of your aspirations, skills and education. Try to focus on what you expect from your career, your objectives and how you can achieve them.

STEP 2: Does the job suit you?

Follow your passion. Find out the type of jobs you love or enjoy doing. This is an another important point, which people often fail to factor in their search. You need to identify the kind of jobs that drive you or give you that extra zeal. Ignoring this point, it often leads to frustration and disenchantment. So spend some time brainstorming and investigating the various job options. Speak to your colleagues and friends in the industry and try and get their input. You will find several potential occupations that are suitable for you. Identify and short-list them.

STEP 3: Do your own research?

Now that you’ve discovered which occupations may suit you the most, it’s now time for further dig deeper. Research a bit more into each one of them. Get a good grasp of the nature of the work involved. Does that fit into a career and try to spend some time looking at related jobs.  If you find yourself becoming more interested in any of them, further your research.

STEP 4: Does it appeal to you ?

Great. Now you have decided what your goals or objectives are. It’s time to be a bit more extensive in your research. Identify what education will help you get there, or what are the skills that you need to develop to do this role? Where can you go in your career from that particular role? What duties will you need to do, what are the hours of work and what would the salary be? Some of the most sought after sectors within the IT industry now are Digital Marketing, UX, and Big Data experts. Repeat this process through all the jobs on your list.

STEP 5: Prepare the next stage

To make your final choice of which job is most suitable for you, you can number them by preference. It’s important to get specific when it comes to achieving goals. So, be clear about what you need to do to reach the next stage of achieving your ideal job. Decide on whether you plan to gain more experience or further education. We hope the above steps have been helpful in deciding your next steps. Best of luck with your career.

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