Our UX Process

Steve Jobs once said:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

The designing methodology has clearly defined steps and processes. Following them helps the designers to declutter their work and make the user journey in a sequential workflow. Now that you know what is UI/UX,  following is the process we follow to come up with the best UI design.

Our UI / UX Process

UI Process

Understanding the Client

We gather as much as details to get a solid insight into the requirement of the client. Open conversation is the key to the success of any product. Understanding the target audience and their needs is crucial to create the master piece.

Our UI UX process understanding the client
our ui ux process brainstorming


Once the concept is clear, the team sit together and come up with ideas that can be implemented to the website to give it most appealing personality.

Flow Diagram

The flow diagram helps to understand the philosophy of the product by depicting every possible correspondence with the UI, the protocol of those interactions and the interface point at every state.

our ui ux process flow diagram
our ui ux process validation


The suggestions of the client comes into play in this stage. Moving forward without the client’s approval is not possible. Also, making changes to the interface is most easy at this stage. While moving forward makes it more complex.

Choosing the Look

Client confirmed the the flow? It’s time to move forward. Choose the look and feel of the interface. There is a wide range to choose from – minimal to skeuomorphism to metro design to many more. Asking for the client’s input at this stage is appreciated.

our ui ux process choosing the look
our ui ux actual design

Actual Designing

Based on the feedbacks, the team strats to develop the end product with utmost care and precision. When it’s done, the team leads validates and tests the design to ensure it is free of any faults.


The end product is then presented before the client. Any further changes or suggestions will be considered and made possible if necessary. The User Interface is ready to be engaged.

our ui ux process approval

UX Process


The initial stage is developing a strategy which encompasses the goals and aims of the customer. It helps the designers to understand what the client is expecting their website to do for them.

our ui ux process strategy
our ui ux process analyse


Analyse the needs and the possibilities with which they can be made possible. The analysis phase is crucial in creating a delightful user experience, however it is also the phase most often skipped.


After the detailed and powerful analysis stage, we move onto the prototyping or wireframing. Wireframing makes everyone to come up with ideas, to explore alternatives. Choosing the best from the options will facilitate hassle free designing further.

our ui ux process wireframes
our ui ux process designing times

Designing Time

Now we know why we do it. Since the plot is set, it’s time to DESIGN the product. Many tools are available for the designers to clone the designs in their mind to the screen. The usability of each UI element is tested and implemented in this phase.

Show Time

Now that everything is ready and upright, it’s time to show the end product to your client. The UX makes the website beautiful when clubbed with the perfect UI.

our ui ux process show time